Huge Ransomware FUBAR at Florida Beach Town – Security Boulevard

Huge Ransomware FUBAR at Florida Beach Town – Security Boulevard

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A ransomware attack at St. Mark’s Surgical Center in Fort Myers, Fla., has resulted in 33,887 individuals across seven states being offered a year of identity protection and credit monitoring.

“Even though Fayetteville hasn’t received what we’ve seen in Raleigh, the roads are still slick,” WRAL reporter Candace Sweat said while reporting from a two vehicle accident at Bragg Boulevard and ..

The past few weeks, reports of encrypted files on Web servers affecting at least 100 websites alerted us of a ransomware development. This dates back to February 13, when the defaced British Association for Counseling & Psychotherapy heralded a reinvented ransomware variant that has evolved from infecting desktop computers to terrorizing websites.

To try to apply this to personal PCs you’ll have to have a huge whitelist of allowed applications that can be run on the system such that either the list-makers (likely for use with some security software and maintained accordingly) are going to have too much pressure to let things on the list so that everyone’s favorite programs can work or.

I still wonder if the real motivation of these *stards was to not just get these people registered as Republicans, but to ALSO mess up the matches of their addresses and names in their voter.

In mid-May 2017, workers around the world logged into their Windows computers and didn’t see a friendly Windows login. They saw a large red box that claimed all the computer’s information – from vital business documents to any personal files – had been encrypted and couldn’t be recovered unless the user paid a $300 or more ransom.

While spam emails annoy computer users, ransomware is a bigger potential risk, says Patrick Traynor, co-director of the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research at the University of Florida.

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