SHOPPING SUPER MALL: How to Apply Perfume to Your Body

SHOPPING SUPER MALL: How to Apply Perfume to Your Body

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-Person who seeking for light and top class scent of perfume 9.How to use it – Apply the cologne to your pulse points. These are the areas of your body that produce a lot of body heat. The heat will cause the fragrance to continue to smell good all day long. If you just put the cologne on your clothes, it may not be detectable for long.

Women’s Fragrances. No one wants to wear the same shirt every day; you shouldn’t want to wear the same perfume, either. By purchasing discount scents you are able to have a more diverse perfume collection, allowing you to switch up your scent depending on your mood and destination. Perfumes for women don’t have to end at the wrist spray.

Spray perfume on dry skin, preferably right after a shower. Hold the spray nozzle inches from your skin and focus on these rules for applying perfume: Learn the perfect spots of your body how to apply your favorite men perfume or fragrance, such as Versace Eros, One million Paco Rabbane and Dior Savage.

They don’t necessarily smell exactly the same as the cologne. Overall, be smart with your combinations. Tips: Apply cologne to your dry skin, not your clothes. If your body is wet from a shower, the water will disrupt the cologne’s ability to interact with your oils, and also evaporate more quickly.

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Stock up on a classic scent or experiment to find your new favorite fragrance. Our fragrance finder will help you find the best fragrance for you. AVON’s line of Women’s Fragrances has everything from perfume and body spray to fragrant body lotion and shower gel. Discover your new favorite Fragrance today!

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