Hottest real estate markets for millennials in 2019

Hottest real estate markets for millennials in 2019

"The millennials will be the saving grace for the housing market in 2019 – if there is a saving grace." He noted that homeownership rates among millennials "have really shot up" in the.

Hottest real estate markets for millennials in 2019 Posted . Even with home prices and mortgage rates on the rise this year, dreams of owning a home are still alive and well. The only things that have changed, according to a new report, are the ideal locations. New data from’s 2019 top 10 markets report Opens a New Window.

Experts from real estate website trulia recently analyzed data from. Based on the results, here are Trulia's top five hottest markets for young people for 2019, Millennials are making a big mistake by not owning their homes,

New data from’s 2019 top 10 markets report found that certain cities throughout the country are getting a record number of mortgage applications from millennials. Additionally, the markets are becoming a hotbed for job growth and new construction. "These markets are millennial magnets with bustling economies, affordable housing for today’s standards, and an overall high quality of life," Danielle Hale, chief economist at, said.

An online marketplace for single-family rental investment properties, Roofstock, has compiled the 10 highest-growth markets for this type of investment in 2018. This survey doesn’t match up with other.

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Cincinnati was just named as one of the best markets for real estate investments in 2019 by Forbes. Conclusion: Top 3 Reasons To Invest in Cincinnati in 2019 Job Growth: The Cincinnati metro area has the 4th largest number of new facilities in the U.S. – including GE Aviation’s new 420,000 square-foot Class A office campus and a new 80,000 sq ft proton therapy center for cancer research. said millennials, in particular, have the strongest hold in these markets, taking out up to 49 percent of mortgages for these areas.

2. Millennials Think Stocks are a Better Investment than Real Estate. 52 percent of older millennials and gen-xers (aged 35-44) believe the stock market is a better investment than real estate, according to a 2019 survey.This was the only age group that, on the whole, favored stocks over real estate.

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"When it comes to choosing a home of their own, millennials are looking for opportunity and they’re finding it in affordable suburbs," said Danielle Hale, chief economist for in a release.

mortgage After falling more than a half percentage point the past four months, mortgage rates rebounded this week. According to the latest data released Thursday by Freddie Mac, the 30-year fixed-rate average.

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