Florida Couple Charged After Receiving Sinkhole Settlement, Selling Home

Florida Couple Charged After Receiving Sinkhole Settlement, Selling Home

Florida battery charge dropped against singer Chris Brown. Sinkhole stabilizes after opening in neighborhood near Lake Mary. Weird noises your home may be making as the ground moves or settles.

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Sinkhole Swallows Florida Homes They can help insure that you get the full claim that you are entitled to as well as help you if you choose just to sell your home after an agreeable settlement has been made. If you choose to sell your sinkhole house in Palm Harbor Florida, we would love to talk with you and make you a top dollar offer on your home.

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Hernando County, Florida deputies say a Brooksville couple faces mortgage fraud charges after selling their home and failing to notify the buyers about sinkhole activity. The Tampa Tribune reports.

At least eight reported sinkholes have opened up in the state since Irma made landfall, including one sinkhole in Apopka that damaged a home lived in by its owners for the past nearly 50 years.

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Florida Homeowners Have Difficulty Filing Their Sinkhole Claims. In February and March of 2014, a Florida couple detected a sinkhole on their property, filed an insurance claim to have it fixed, and then cashed the insurance check without ever having resolved the sinkhole issue.

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Reverse mortgage loans come due when the home becomes vacant or the owners die; at that point, the family of the borrowers repay the debt, or lenders sell the property. terms of the $89 million.

In Hernando County, if an engineering report has been made, a permit had to have been filed. It’s in public records, so it’s not a terribly difficult thing to check for ones customer. Not only does one have to disclose if the home he/she is selling is a sinkhole home, but also if the neighboring properties have ever had a problem.

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