BofA Sorry for Foreclosing on Elderly Couple

BofA Sorry for Foreclosing on Elderly Couple

After Bank of America forecloses on wrong house, homeowner, lawyer, moving crew, and police officers arrive at bank to.. Old news but cool.

Bank of America said it had erred by foreclosing on an elderly Florida couple, James and Sharon Bullington, who had the audacity to pay their mortgage a week early.. BofA Sorry for Foreclosing.

The elderly couple, a disabled Vietnam veteran. the Millers have been dealing with a foreclosure notice. The stress made Kenneth ill and drove Sadako to bouts of crying, Kenneth said. “I’m sorry we.

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 · With chapter 7, you won’t be able to keep your house, but you will be able to stall the foreclosure for at least a couple of months. For chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will be able to keep your home if it is the only property you own and if you currently reside there. Though the debt will be discharged, you must continue to make payments on the home.

These foreclosure horror stories don't mean much alone, but together they. Dan Smith is a 33-year-old electrician living in Oakview, California.. But the terms of his mortgage were fraudulently bad, attorney Michael Gaier told.. Charlie Cardoso talked to the Bank of America real estate agent who said he.

BofA Tries To Foreclose On Couple With Current Mortgage. 8.31.10 11:00 AM EDT By Ben Popken.. Bank of America sent one couple a letter asking them for the deed to their house.

Bank of America. and foreclosed properties ratio was 3.10%, which is down 30 basis points from the end of the first quarter in 2011. The mixed results should lead to flat trading for the common.

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